Un loup pour l’homme workshop WORKSHOP DISCOVERING THE PHENOMENON with Un loup pour l’homme

Date: 22-24.09.

* This workshop is free of charge, participation is ensured by subscribing to cirkusfera@gmail.com with the name – discovering the phenomenon – name and surname, telephone number and short letter of motivation. The deadline for application is 18.09.2019.

The company Un Loup pour l’Homme was created with the desire to explore in depth partner acrobatic, also known as hand-to-hand technique. We consider this circus discipline as the physical confrontation of two or several bodies. We are developing a physical and bodily work in a rather pure manner, in order to reveal richness and complexity of human relations.

Partner acrobatics are the center of our work, which means that we are not soloists. Our main interest lies in action and observation of happenings in between individuals and within the group. The connection one creates with the other (our partner – base or flyer). The workshop is based on our artistic research and its main focus within is to pursue our research of meanings that appear through physical, material and share the exploration of human relation adventure that we seek with acrobatics. Content is linked to the notions developed in our shows: Appris par corps, Face Nord and Rare Birds. Acrobat’s work we perceive as an art of action and real endeavors.

During the workshop we will work on these subjects:

– STEPPING ON THE BODY: is company’s technique, a base on which we build upon our practice and principals.

– TRANSFORMATION, ADAPTABILITY AND MOBILITY: Being part of an evolution within a reasonable time frame and length. Acrobats are people with the ability to adapt. Changing roles, changing partners.

– PRESENCE, STATE AND QUALITY OF THE BODY: while being in a concrete physical action.

– MATRIX: Person is out of axis while stepping on the body with the support of another person (different scales of inclination till horizontality).

– MOON STEP: A principle that follows the way to transporting a person.

– LOCOMOTION and ROLLING DOGS: Processes of moving from place to place in an interconnected way.

– DOME: Dare to try new bodies architectures.

– CONCEPT OF TOGETHERNESS: We seek essence of our practice within the simplicity.

– THE PLAY: Principle of Game by its playful and universal aspect makes it possible to highlight the multiple possibilities of a person. It also allows designing flexible writings, always alive, anchored in physical actions. It will therefore be necessary to impose constraints of research, of improvisation, conceived as rules of the game, that we will be able to constantly modify or reinvent, in order to reach interesting situations.

– TRUST: develop confidence in self and the other, play with your fears and defeat them. Blind work.

– WEIGHT/COUNTER-WEIGHT: Get out of verticality. Off-balance states.

Throughout the workshop, we care deeply about raising awareness among participants, whatever age or background, as circus demands it anyway, of physical integrity, both individual and collective. As usual, our number one rule stays: “firstly, do not harm”.

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