Friday 24.9/ 20:00

Location: Silos Belgrade, Dunavski kej 46 /CirkoБalkana circus tent


Discipline: object manipulation

Production: Company LPM / France 

Creation and performers: Lucas Castelo Branco, Juan Duarte Mateos, Johannes Bauhofer et

Andres Torres Diaz

External view: Marie-Céline Baubagna

Duration: 60 minuta

Age: 5+

Entrance: 1000rsd

Tutti Frutti 1 is omnipresent and omnipotent. It is around us and in the depths of our souls too.In front of us, we will see Tutti Frutti 2 assume the form of a tonic and swirling mix of four circus artists with super capacities, a sort of a salad of improbable ingredients 3 , well spiced with spontaneity and absurd logic.This explosive form allows the spectators to live moments of strong dramatic intensity, a jubilant and liberating humor, which makes people laugh but sometimes also cringe.We will accompany bourgeois having fun in a castle, an army of bananas who are training to save the world, a charlatan who thinks he is a spiritual guide, or quite simply four excited energumens who hack plastic objects.Tutti Frutti 4 is also a permanent and frenetic quest to have the Power 5 .

With their unwavering charisma, these people place themselves at the center of the contradictions of our society to break them from within.

All with the signature of the LPM company, Extreme Poetry 6

1 Tutti Frutti is a very good show

2 Very good show to say the least.

3 In this kind of engaged cartoon, there will be object manipulation, but also acrobaties, hip-hop, stunts, magic, cinema, quick-changing, visual arts, kung fu, hypnotism, rock climbing, bike training, capoeira, cumbia, graffiti and homeopathy.

 4 When we say it’s a good show, we are not exaggerating.

5 From popular latin potere, power. Power is the faculty, ability, material possibility, or permission to do something.Power designates the legal capacity to do one thing, to act for another for which one has received a mandate.

6 Extreme poetry is to revel at the flight of a scarf held in the air by the pipe of a chainsaw 

The regional tour of the company “LPM” is supported through Teatroskop (a program initiated by French Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs, French Ministry of Culture, and Institut français Paris). This event is part of Circus (must) SEE program:  http://www.institutfrancais.rs/doc/Circus(must)SEE.pdf

Juan Duarte Mateos  – born in Uruguay, grew up in Brazil and acquired a professional formation in
France. Juan is passionate about all forms of juggling. His favourite object is the contact ball. He owes his nickname to his love of words, his ability to transform reality through speech and his unwavering charisma. These above-mentioned qualities enabled him to more or less make a living in theatre. After six years of self-study and fierce juggling practice, he was educated at Le Lido, Toulouse 2013.
In 2016, he joined Nicanor de Elia company in the “Copyleft” and “Juventud” projects

Lucas Castelo Branco– originally from Brazil, in 2007 he discovered juggling and immediately fell in love, specializing in juggling balls. In Brazil, he studied and graduated from the Crescer e Viver Circus School and the Angel Vianna School of Contemporary Dance from 2010 to 2012. Then in 2013, he joined the Center for Circus Arts in Toulouse- Le Lido. That same year he started dancing, various styles of hip-hop, like shooting, waving, tutoring, among others. In 2016, he joined Nicanor de Elia company in the Copyleft and Juventud projects. Lucas is also one of the co-creators of the play Piti Peta Hofen.

Johannes Bauhofer – He was born in a lost corner of southern Germany and at the age of 5 he started doing circus. He practised almost all popular circus techniques: various aerial acrobatics, rock climbing, unicycle riding, Cyr wheel …
Johannes first graduated from Rotterdam’s CODARTS (Netherlands) and then from Le Lido in Toulouse as an acrobat-juggler.
He has always known how to make his circus more extreme through various sports in which climbing, cycling training. In 2016, he joined Carré Blanc company, and in 2017, he co-created the Piti Peta Hofen Show.

Andres Torres Diaz- Originally from Extremadura, Spain, he started doing circus in 2012. After formation at the Carampa Circus School in Madrid where he was inspired by killer robots, he started juggling with everything he could hold.
After enrolling in Le Lido in Toulouse, he continues his research on the Hookes Law applied to juggling rings. He travelled three continents with the play Pete Peta Hoffen, preaching the values ​​of LPM. In parallel with his circus career, Andres is a guitarist and singer. In 2019, he started a new creation with the company Stoptoi.


Photo: Tomas Amorim

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