OPEN STAGE – CirkoBalkana 10 Festival Opening – CIRCUS LIVES

CirkoBalkana 10 Festival Opening





CIRCUS LIVES and survives due to boundless enthusiasm of the performers, acrobats, acrocats, balancers, stilt walkers, entertainers, question askers, jugglers, smugglers and the rest of us.

That’s why we have decided to dedicate the opening of this tenth festival of live contemporary circus to all of us on an “Open Stage” and possibly with more people on the stage than in the audience. The evening will be filled with air acrobatics, juggling miniatures, stunts and other circus acts.

This is a chance for you to see and/or show what is the current regional circus scene and to have fun.

Some of us will be awarded, and since this is not a competition, the awards* will be given not by achievement but randomly.


*if you wish you may bring your own awards for whomever and whatever for

Discipline: all

Performers: it is impossible to predict who will participate

Age range: all

Entrance: free

Running time: it is impossible to predict how long will it last

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