Noister: wave³

Tuesday 21.9 /20:00

Location: Silos Belgrade, Dunavski kej 46 /CirkoБalkana circus tent

Noister: wave³

Discipline: object manipulation/balans

Author and performer: Tjaž Juvan/ Slovenia

Author and creator of modular synthesis speakers : Staš Vrenko

Production: Mismo Nismo/ Slovenia

 Co-production with Zavod Bufeto/ Slovenia

Outside eyes: Oton Korošec, Eva Zibler, Ravil in Nataša sultanov

Directional help: Nina Ramšak

Dramaturgical counsulting: Andreja Kopač

Video: Maj vrenko

Duration: 60 minutes

Age: 10+

Entrance: 600rsd

Noister: wave³ combines the forms of kinetic sound arrangement and movement performance based on contemporary circus practices. Through the merging of two different artistic genres, authors are exploring the relationship between man and machine, which alternate the roles of manipulator and manipulated. The result of the relationship – sound, becomes a catalyst for further interactions and at the same time connects the space between the performer and the objects.

Circus as an art form confronts performers and spectators with the vulnerability of the human body. The circus transcends physical vulnerability with extraordinary movements, tricks, figures, but it remains present throughout a possibility of a fall or failure, injury or death. In the play, Noister entrusts his life to his modular synthesis speakers, which he places in various precarious installations or balancing platforms, throwing them into the air or spinning them around the room.

The interaction between objects and Noister  on the other hand, creates a soundscape that  constantly moves through space, thus making sound more tangible and placing it in the position of the co-creator of space. The soundscape is always changing throughout the performance and consequently influencing the viewer’s perception of what is happening on stage. Sound sometimes comes from the left, sometimes from the right, above, below, near or far, travels through space, disappears, or completely fills it.

Photo: Sunčan Stone

Tjaž Juvan – author, performer, music producer

Studied at the Faculty of Education in Ljubljana (graduate social pedagogue; 2016) and the Vertigo Circus School in Turin with a specialization in equilibrism (2015-2017). He studied dance and movement for several years after various seminars and workshops around Europe (some names: Ohad Naharin, Guy Shomroni, Sitha Osthmeier, James Finnemore, Guy Nader, …). In Ljubljana, he began his artistic career during high school in the nethers of Menza pri Koritu with monthly antishows Cirkus kabare (2010-2013). He is a core member of the collective Menza pri koritu and one of the founders of contemporary circus collectiv MismoNismo from Ljubljana.

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