Date: 27.09.

Time: 18:30 – 20:00h

Beginning and end  next to the circus tent

The workshop is free of charge

Required registration to, with the note -Blind walk. The deadline for applications is 23.09.

Trust, communication and risk taking are at the heart of human relations.

With experiencing Blind walk we stimulate a non-verbal communication among each other. We experience reality through our senses. Sense organs and brain work in partnership to interpret signals from the outside world. Vision is our dominant sense and when we disable it, all other senses are exposed. At the beginning of the experience we put people in couples, where one person closes the eyes, while the other assumes responsibility and together, they are taken for a walk.

By dividing roles, one assuming the responsibility and the other being taken care of, we establish interconnected relation. One takes care of the other. The other depends and trusts. We stay silent, giving signs to each other by creative non-verbal physical contact or by hearing stimuli or by exposing smells of the surroundings,  or by provoking touch of various surfaces and elements that come on our way. Trust must be established and when we are getting more confident inside our relation we tend to slightly challenge our partners. With confronting obstacles, introducing physical challenges, changing dynamics, we confront them to face the risk.

Each couple has its own journey. Each person has its own unique experience.

Blind walk experience is rich in trust, risk and communication.

The experience is pleasant and kind to the body and in the need for comfortable shoes and our openness.

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