Aerial workshop (trapeze, aerial hoop, rope) with Jennifer Francois

Date: 25-27.09.

Time: 16:00-19:00

Participation: 6000 rsd

The workshop is held outdoors on two constructions next to the circus tent. Applications   on,  with a note – aerial workshops.  Application deadline  19.09.

Th reestricted space represented by the trapeze, the simplicity and the instability of the object is what interests Jennifer. She puts in forward the risk-taking in a special way, working on the slowness focused on a fluid movement. The acrobatic feat is only a support for emotion.

Jennifer has been performing on trapeze as a professional artist for the last 15 years, she’s used to sharing this experience through different ways :

People interested in research or improvement of their skills. It deals with finding a singular language, a personal way to realize acrobatics on trapeze especially, but also on rope, silks or any aerials. If the movement one is doing has a sense, it’s easier to realize it. The work will be based on body consciousness, decomposition of movement and continuous movement

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